About Us

Our Mission Statement 

Byrne House Ltd believes that all young people regardless of ability, geography, gender, race, creed or colour represent our most valuable resource.

We have established excellent professional working partnerships with agencies, to ensure that our young people will be given a high quality provision and service offering them positive choices and a wide range of opportunities during their transition to adulthood in order to achieve their full potential as young empowered individuals. We will use creative learning that is fun and enjoyable using education initiatives that address issues affecting them.


  •  We have established excellent working partnerships with professional services, to promote our young people's personal,          educational, social and cultural development

  •  We are a service whose systems and contents are regularly negotiated with participants, and a service for which participants  share responsibilities

  •  We provide opportunities for young people and professionals to develop decision-making skills for matters, which      affect themselves, family and their peers, and for them to understand and participate/address some of the challenges they  face

  •  We cater for specific and identified learning needs, paying particular and special attention to those young people/young adults whose learning needs are most severe

      We support all that we do, by making sure the following is applied:

  • Each young person will be supported to fulfil their responsibility to continue their learning and development through their life

  • Expectations and standards of achievement will be set at a high level for all, and all attainment will be recognised and celebrated as the key to raising their self-esteem and confidence

  • Our service will be flexible, responsive, and open to change, as new needs and requirements are identified

  •  Key decisions making processes will be open and capable of being influenced by service users and stake holders

  • Each young person will be encouraged, enabling them to develop their own individual potential and abilities


Taylor House

Byrne House Ltd was established in September 2005. Every year we celebrate our outstanding achievements with our young people, staff, professionals and volunteers.

We provide practical resources to help young people engage with potentially seriously awkward adolescent problems. We authentically engage young people on issues that far too often go unaddressed. We go deeper, getting to the heart of the matter.

The vision of the young people we serve is a cornerstone for our progress - yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

We are proud to admit to a low turnover of staff and have a team of experienced senior management, Sue Hessom who has worked with us for many years, ensuring continuity of the service provided.

The forward thinker of the business is Kriss Byrne who is still heavily involved with Sue Hessom regarding both the running and future expansion of the company. Her own personal understanding of young people and youth culture provides an unprecedented insight into the industry we work in.

At Byrne House Ltd we aim to provide an accessible and friendly service and will continue to meet our high standards of client care.

All our staff members are experienced in the field of youth culture and all meet our high standard of client care. This combination of experience along with a sound knowledge has enabled the business to expand with an unbeatable reputation and we are looking forward to pastures new. 




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