Byrne House Ltd are developing a transitional program and transitional housing device to support and enable young people aged 16-25 to live in accommodation as an alternative in preparing to leaving care and gaining independence. 

This project and scheme will provide intensive support to the young people in the first three months using a bronze, silver and gold tier system. 

Staff will work in partnership with the young person to provide the level of support necessary for them to maintain their own licence agreement/tenancy and empower them to continue once this support has been reduced and withdrawn.

We will act as advocates where necessary and support them with other agencies and services as part of increasing their confidence in dealing with situations around their tenancy. 

We are driven by personality traits within the team, values and motivation and will perform to the highest standards for the young people to successfully achieve..

We cannot

always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.

 Franklin De Roosevelt

AM, Social Worker

“I have worked closely with Taylor House over a number of years. They are always my first choice of provision as they always go above and beyond expectations"



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