Out of County


Byrne House Ltd currently work in partnership with outside Local Authorities in the following:-

  • Honour Based Violence (male and female)

  • Exploitation

  • Domestic Violence

  • Human Trafficking

  • Radicalisation

  • Substance/Alcohol Misuse

  • Teenage Pregnancy

  • Mental Health

  • Special Educational Needs

  • EPO's (Emergency Protection Order) - Safeguarding

These referrals will have high levels of targeted and intense support provided by various interventions that are supported 

by professional services involved in their Placement Planning.

A thorough audit of the program is essential with multi-agency working and local partnership working.

Each individual will receive a personalised package of support in guidance with their learning and development in order to improve their life chances. We have found this to be an essential ingredient in effective intervention and engagement from the young person.

We will continue to focus on policies and practices and commission to services directly involved with the young person.

PS, ex-resident

“Taylor House was my 8th placement. I wasn't very nice!! I was very proud that I was the first girl in my county to recieve two ASBOS and was on the front page of the local newspapers.  I was very challenging in my behaviour but with trust and respect the staff never gave up on me. I am now proud to say I'm in my second year at college studying sports and leisure”​






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